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Here’s Everything You Should Know about Pergola Designs

There are many types of pergola designs available and every one of them has a form and function that segregates the pergola from an arbor, gazebo and other backyard forms. A pergola design in Las Vegas serves a number of purposes and it is a wide open structure that comes equipped with four support beams, zero walls and a decorative roof design. For shade or a touch of shelter, you can add screens to the roof or walls.

Types of pergola designs

  • Vinyl Pergolas

They are famous because they are affordable, durable and has a universal design. This also gives you an option of customizing your designs in order to meet your needs and personal design preference.

  • Open Top

As aforementioned that most pergolas are designed with an open roof that lets in sufficient sunlight and air circulation. Open top pergolas are usually installed in gardens for creating an amazing focal point and adds more beauty to the space by trailing the vines

  • Steel

They are an amazing choice for areas that are often impacted by harsh weather conditions. It holds up well in extreme weather condition and it also able to last the longest. Steel pergolas are very uncommon because of their avant garde look and function.

  • Sail

This design uses a stretched fabric instead of a traditional lattice roof. This design offers a clean and modern look and more shade in the open roof design.

  • Gable or Pitch

This design is the best if you want to have a pergola with a roof that can protect you from the weather elements. Due to this roof design, these two choices also come bearing enough water runoff and are mostly seen over decks or patios that have a hot tub or outdoor dining area.

Purpose of a pergola

  • It boosts your home value

When you add a pergola, it creates an amazing outdoor space and increases the home value. But if it is poorly designed, it can decrease the home value too.

  • It upgrades your garden

It is the best way to groom up your garden. Go for a spacious design that has an open top lattice roof to not disturb the much needed sunlight and air circulation that your garden mostly needs. You can also add some vines for a charming touch.

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