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Are You Interested to Do Top Dressing of Your Lawn? Benefits of this

Top dressing of your lawn must be regularly done as there can be number of benefits of doing it regularly.

Take help of any experienced lawn top dresser and you can reap the following benefits:

  • Top dressing can add organic matter to the soil.
  • With top dressing you can build up soil flora.
  • You can place the organic material much deeper in the soil with top dressing along with core aeration
  • With organic top dressing you can change the structure of the soil
  • If you compost top dressing together with the right biological components then it can help in reducing lawn diseases.
  • By adding compost, you can reduce traffic stress.
  • With compost incorporation into heavy soils can help relieving compaction problems.
  • If compost is incorporated into the sandy soils then it can help water retention.
  • If top dressing is done with right materials then it can help in reducing any need for fertilizer.
  • With top dressing you can reduce thatch.
  • Compost’s Cation Exchange Capacity is nearly 10 times higher as compared to most loam soils.

How to do top dressing?

Follow the procedure as mentioned below to do top dressing:

  • Mow your lawn on the shorter side and then apply the dry dressing on any dry day to your dry lawn.
  • Divide your top-dressing areas into a number of smaller batches and then place them evenly all around the lawn. Thus, you will have a pile of soil after every few metres.

  • Next, you can spread each of the pile over area allocated for it. Do this by properly scooping it up by using your spade and try to fling it into allocated area or try to use back of rake for pushing and pulling it into position.
  • Finally, you have to brush top dressing into grass and dips. With back of rake you can get so far and now either you need stiff brush or you must move level lute and agitate dressing into turf.

Though it is slow work, but with little care, you can get much smoother surface. In case, you do not work in the hollows properly, then you can make the lawn bumpier so be careful.

If you can do it as part of quality lawn care, then a ‘top-dresser’ or any heavy duty drop-spreader will be the only way to go for a lute, which will be necessary for even working of for your top dressing.

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